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Women And Women’S Rights Are Central To Lebanon’S Protest Movement

Posted on 7 May 2020 by admin


Hormone substitute remedy had been the gold normal for the treatment of menopausal signs until the publication of the World Health Initiative study. After the WHI research, the use of HRT modified among the physicians and patients all over the world regardless of newer more reassuring data. This research aimed to analyze the knowledge and attitudes of girls in the direction of HRT and the factors affecting it for better counseling. A clinic-based cross-sectional study using a survey was provided to women aged 40 years and above coming to the women’s well being heart at the American University of Beirut Medical Center from October 1st, 2017, until March 31st, 2018. The questionnaire included questions about demographics and menopausal signs along with data and attitudes in the direction of menopause and HRT.

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This might be related to a higher financial revenue and having insurance coverage, as proven in the 1999 study where women having insurance coverage, regardless of being nonsignificant, were extra probably to make use of HRT . The transition between the reproductive age and the menopausal status is among the highlights of a girl’s life. This transition is accompanied with discomfort and weird sensations making women dread it and think about it as a adverse transfer in life. HRT have been developed to ease these changes which are related to the hormonal imbalance as well as upkeep of women’s health. Data in regards to the safety of HRT have been contradictory, especially with the publication of the WHI examine; nonetheless, current clarifications were revealed by scientific our bodies and guidelines had been set for HRT use .

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The major limiting factor for HRT use in lots of parts of the world these days stays to be the information and attitudes in the direction of HRT within the common inhabitants. A clinic-primarily based cross-sectional examine using a survey was provided to women coming to the women’s health heart at the American University of Beirut Medical Center from October 1st, 2017, till March 31st, 2018.

Our primary speculation was that girls would pay attention to HRT as a treatment modality; nevertheless, the bulk would have a unfavorable angle in the direction of its utilization. Seventy-three % of the respondents had already heard about HRT with 57.9% supporting the use of HRT; however, 47.9% did not know when to use it. The significant predictor for having heard about HRT and a optimistic attitude in direction of HRT were having HRT prescribed as a part of treatment and employment status, respectively. to women issues on different ranges by way of NCLW’s robust partnerships with international native and regional organizations and companions to promote women’s and gender development. National Commission for Lebanese Women is an official physique, which was established in 1998 by regulation 720, and is instantly affiliated to the presidency of the Council of ministers.

Protesters Occupy An Abandoned Theatre In Downtown Beirut

Having such outcomes will help promote correct counseling and enhance therapy outcomes in sufferers. The sufferers that have been targeted included the pre, peri, and postmenopausal intervals, which helps understand extra the different approaches to counsel. It also confirmed the deficient function of the first care providers in terms of affected person administration, and thus the physicians must be inspired to participate extra within the counseling process to keep away from the misinformation. Of the draw backs of this research, it was performed in a tertiary care middle in the capital of Lebanon. Despite the truth that this middle is visited by individuals from all of the Lebanese areas, the pattern of the members in our survey may not be consultant of the entire female Lebanese inhabitants.

However, over the past years, further research and analyses have been carried out on the previously revealed information, pinpointing several pitfalls within the WHI examine. It was concluded that the formulations of the HRT used, the time since the onset of menopause and the age at the initiation of treatment gave the impression to be essential factors in affecting the scientific consequence.

Abortion – Performing an abortion is unlawful in Lebanon beneath Articles 539 and 540 of the Lebanese Penal Code, leading to imprisonment of up to three years. This sentence can be prolonged if the abortion was carried out against a woman’s will, or if the abortion resulted in the woman’s dying. The solely exception is offered by Article 545, which mitigates possible imprisonment if the woman underwent abortion with the aim to “defend her honour”. However, even though there are not any official numbers, abortions are carried out in Lebanon in illegal and underground settings which can jeopardise women’s health. Social Security Law – Article three of the Labour Law and Article 46 of the Social Security Law present welfare benefits to male staff and civil servants however do not apply to women.

In the direct post-WHI period and being affected by the WHI outcomes in addition to by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force suggestions, well being care providers and obstetricians started to keep away from utilizing HRT offering menopausal sufferers less effective different therapies .

Women aged 40 years and above have been approached by the research group, and after explaining the aim of our study and taking the verbal consent, they have been supplied the questionnaire to fill without any identifiers. The questionnaire out there in the Arabic language was previously examined on 15 individuals to ensure that it was legible and complete. With the changing knowledge concerning HRT use and its safety, analysis has turn out to be abundant on the knowledge and attitudes of women relating to HRT. Recently a research was revealed by Hamid et al. in the United Arab Emirates displaying that almost all women had a poor data regarding menopause, 35% did not use therapy for symptomatic reduction, and solely 27% had an excellent information about HRT . Chinese women, however, who had good information about menopause but poor knowledge about HRT suppose that menopausal signs shouldn’t be treated .

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Other reports mentioned that 40 to eighty three% of sufferers have ceased utilizing HRT after the WHI examine in different studied populations . Hormone substitute remedy , in the form of estrogen alone or mixed estrogen and progesterone formulations, has been widely used to deal with menopausal symptoms to enhance women’s high quality of life, control their climacteric symptoms, and stop osteoporosis . However, the publication of Women’s Health Initiative controlled trial leads to 2002 modified the medical and public point of view towards HRT. The WHI research assessed the benefits and dangers of HRT in advanced age menopausal women and came to conclude that although HRT decreased fracture rates and vasomotor signs in postmenopausal patients, it did not increase their quality of life. Moreover, it showed unexpectedly that HRT use results in an increased incidence of cardiac events, stroke, deep venous thrombosis, and breast cancer which led to the untimely closure of the study .